What is Safelinked page?

Safelinked page means that your link is already secured by our service. There are many process behind in this page in order to keep your link always protected by automatic system like internet bot, crawler and scrapper.

Actualy internet activity is not safe. There are many attacker out there which is wants to try stealing important information in every website. So Safelinker was created to help you to stay protected of it's kind activity.

What is the internet bot?

In the internet world, internet bot means a robot which is running automatically by script which is running in server side. Most of this bot activity is to get all of information from your website. For the good bot, it will make benefit for you website, but for a bad bot this can harm your website. So you have to be careful of this.

What is the crawler?

Crawler is similar like the internet bot, but the difference is that crawler is mostly to read your website structure, then they keep of this information into their website. Crawler can slowdown your site because, most of them is run automatically scheduled, and the speed is very faster than human being. You have to be careful of this, because your server sometimes can be down because of this crawler.

What is the scrapper?

Scrapper also similar like the crawler, but the difference is scrapper is just trying to make your site as the point of their data. Most of scrapper is to steal you website information then they make your website as database or an api service to their website. Also many of them using this scrapper technique to clone your site as same as possible. You have to becareful of this activity, because scrapper sometimes can make your page rank go down.

What is the benefit using safelinker?

1. Your link is secured

We have unique cryptography which is the looks like is similar like base64. But actualy we not using base64 to encrypt your link. We also use end-to-end encryption layer with SSL to make sure there is no man-in-the-middle in our network.

2. Your visitor is always human real

Sometimes bot can make your site going bad. You can not make money if most of your visitor is just a bot. Bot also can make your site slowdown, but you are not gain anything from them. So we have good algorithm to detect your visitor is human or not. If your visitor is not a human being, then we will block them immediately before they can visit to your page.

3. Your money site is protected

Because your visitor is a human being. You have no worries about terms and conditions from your advertise provider. Your money site is always safe from fraud activity. You can sleep better without having a negative thinking.

4. Your safelinked link is permanent

Most of safelinker service out there is not using permanent link. They could change the domain name for multiple times. So there is a possibility to make your link broken. With using our service, we always keep your safelinked link saved into our database as long as forever. Whatever will be, We promise to you that we will not going to delete it.

5. Adblock Protection

From the data survey of people which is using internet, 80% of them is using adblock protection software or plugin. And this activity is always increase from year to year. Of course this could make your income decreased. But don't worry, we have adblock protection to make you always gain high income for your money site.


Actualy there many benefit to using our safelinker service. Our service is free and we will make sure this will always free forever.